Next steps with accessing an Excel table from one sheet into another

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I’ve done it once before, using a web tutorial that I cannot locate again, but now I’m trying to it again and I’d appreciate some insight in terms of “next steps” and where I am going wrong.

I have an Excel 2010 workbook with two sheets, a main sheet and a data sources sheet. Within data sources, I have a named table, _010FieldTemplatesExamples, that contains two MARC field examples using pre-2001 and post-2001 formatting for the LC standard number. The cell reference is set up in Names Manager and I’ve set up the data validation using a list.

However, the problem I’m having is I cannot get this to correctly appear as a drop-down box in the main sheet in cell G2, which is the cell under the “Field Example(s) and Template(s)” column for the 010 row/record (a.k.a. row 2).

I’d appreciate it if someone would help me “complete the steps” – I think I’m about 70% there (maybe more!) but am getting hung up here.


Thanks, Scott, for your reply, and for editing my post’s title. You’re right; the details on MARC pre- and post-2001 formatting and LC standard numbers are irrelevant information. My apologies. I have a habit of including extraneous information. For what it’s worth, I’m a library technician student and MARC refers to MAchine Readable Coding whereas LC standard number simply refers to the Library of Congress classification number. 😉

Anyway, I thought I should answer my own question. Since I posted this, I’ve taken a course in Excel, Access, Word, and PowerPoint, that was required for my program and for anyone interested, what I simply needed to do, I believe, was reference the name of the sheet and cell like this:

!'Name of Sheet!A1:D10 (for an unnamed range)


!'Name of Sheet'!NamedRange (for a named range)



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