On demand incremental NTFS partition backup

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This is somewhat a continuation of my related failed question. I’ve decided to go with a filesystem approach rather that the whole disk in one chunk. I’m wondering what the best way to do this is. I’m thinking about extending my SyncBackSE backup to my whole NTFS partition. Would there be any downsides to this or a better way to do it?

Other stuff:

The hard drive I’m backing up to is a 160 GB external that has one big NTFS partition. Since I’m trying for a mirroring strategy, I might redo the partitions to match my notebook’s 160 GB drive (10 GB ext 3|~512 MB linux-swap|138.55 GB NTFS).

Also, if no multi-platform solutions happen to be part of the answer, I’ll be opening up another question dealing with this in Linux (which could probably easily backup both ext3 and NTFS).


My vote goes to TrueImage, one of the rare commercial software that I use. Works great, has tons of options and it not that expensive (~50USD). Version 2010 has a nice new feature, Try&Decide, that takes a snapshot of your entire drive that you can revert to later (I use it for testing new software).

On the Linux side I use rsnapshot. I guess you could expose your Windows drives over SMB, and then use rsnapshot on them too.

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