Open Excel file after successful RDP connection

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I have a PHP script that creates RDP files on the fly and it works great.

The next step is to automatically open an Excel file once the RDP session is created, or simply “link” to the Excel file within the RDP connection.

An example would be a user clicks on a link that generates a RDP file which they then open and connect to, which immediately opens file.xlsx in Excel.

How would I go about this?


Is this for a RemoteApp setup? Do you have RemoteApps defined on the Terminal server? Or did you want the old style were you just specify the command to run, but you don’t have the RemoteApp features?

If you want the old style, just the AlternateShell value (docs) to be the path to excel followed by the path to the document you wanted opened.

Really, you probably should be looking at setting up the RemoteApp functionality though, since it permits the window to be resized and so on.

RemoteApps must be defined on the server, and in your configuration, you specify the defined name. So you might have a setting that looked like this


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