Open port 8080 on D-Link DSL-6740U

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Problem :

I am trying to use port forwarding to open port 8080 on my router, but am getting the following message:

Not allowed

This is the configuration I am trying to use:

Port forwarding configuration

Anyone knows why this is happening and if there is a way to go around it?

Thanks in advance !

Adding the web interface site map:

enter image description here

Solution :

Gotta love these consumer routers. D-Link is especially confusing because it hides common network settings under more “user friendly” names. I’m surprised it says “Port forwarding setup”.

Having said that, I’d check the web interface for terms like “Application Rules” or “Virtual Server” and see if any of those ports are already being forwarded as a part of those “user friendly” settings.

You might also look under any section in the interface that might show port forwards automatically setup by UPnP.

So eventually it turned out that my ISP company that provided me the router in the first place (years ago) tampered with it and blocked opening those ports on the firmware level. Had to change a router since firmware upgrades also don’t work due to their tampering.

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