opening sql file hangs most of the editors but not notepad++

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I sometimes need to modify url in big sql files. I usually open it up in some editor and do search and replace. On windows machine notepad++ works perfectly, it never hangs and feels snappy to show blocks of text. Now on my mac I cannot get anything to work properly! I have smultron 4 and it is sluggish. Any good software you recommend?

I imagine command line would be easiest with grep. But really do I have to mess with complicated syntax of grep or find to do this?


If you want something similar in style and power to Notepad++, try using Sublime Text 2.

This is cross-platform (based on Python) and has loads of community supplied add-ins to make it a very powerful IDE and development platform.

The only disadvantage is that it isn’t totally free – it pops up a reminder to purchase every few dozen saves.

This is now my chosen IDE and text editor.

It is perfectly happy with very large files and even has a graphical map of the file if you want to use it for navigation.

Choose your poison

Aquamacs puts the Mac in Emacs
Vim (Vi IMproved) for Mac OS X

TextWrangler is a great free text editor.

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