outlook 2013 – 0x800CCC13 “Cannot connect to the network”

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I administer a small office who have their own domain and email accounts.
for the past 1 week I have had problems with sending emails from a single account and from a single pc.

The error I get in microsoft’s outlook 2013 is 0x800CCC13 "Cannot connect to the network".

After searching for a bit, people suggested that I should recreate the profile. I have tried doing that, but the problem came back to haunt be 2 days later.

To verify that the problem is not on the email server’s end, I recreated the specific account in another computer and I can send and receive emails normally from that one.

So it must be something wrong within the specific computer / user account.

Do you know anything else I should try in order to fix this ?

Thank you for your help.


If an Office repair doesn’t help, and configuring/disabling Windows Firewall doesn’t help, this problem can be due to a corrupted Windows file.

To check for corrupted Windows files, use the Windows System File Checker by entering the following at an admin command prompt:

sfc /scannnow

This fixed the problem for me, and Outlook was able to send messages once again from that machine.

Beginning system scan.  This process will take some time.

Beginning verification phase of system scan.
Verification 100% complete.

Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files and successfully repaired

Note: even if you’ve used SFC before, do refer to the link as it includes some useful additional info about the SFC log, and actions you can take if SFC says it found a corrupted file but couldn’t fix it.

Run scanpst.exe on both failing email accounts C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft OfficeOffice15SCANPST.EXE (or similar depending on version)

I have had months without being able to send from my laptop. Thank goodness for iPad. Finally found a solution – the Windows Firewall had a rule for Receiving mail but no mention of mail in the outgoing section. Just added a rule for Outgoing Mail (Outlook.exe) and I can send again. It was a long process but we finally won.

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