P4 Thinkpad with 1Gb (max) RAM – Windows 7 or Windows XP?

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I have a vintage 2003 ThinkPad with a P4 and maxed at 1Gb RAM running XP. Should I move to Windows 7 or will I be better off with XP?


All the older computer i have running XP seem to run better with Windows 7.

These computers include:

P4 1.8 Ghz with HT and 1GB ram

Celeron 1.6 Ghz 1GB ram

Give it a try.

I have tested Windows 7 RC on quite a few machine with 1GB or less memory and the performance was impressive. Since the new kernel improvements the overall performance on lower end machines has improved massively.

It’s also been extremely stable across all these platforms running day to day business applications, including Office 2007.

We recently also set up a low specification machine as a Media Centre using the RC and it is working well.

Some of the specifications I tested on:

  • Celeron 633 / 1GB RAM / 80GB Drive
  • Centrino Duo 2 / 512MB RAM / 80GB Drive

I have also used in in Virtual environments using VirtualBox, Parallels and Virtual PC.

It is good to hear stories of windows 7 running well on old hardware. I would generaly say you might want a little more RAM to make things more smooth though. If it works great and you want to move to Windows 7, I would say go for it. New software is always fun.

On the flip side, If you currently use XP and it meets all your current needs, I wonder how much you will gain from Windows 7. Continuing to use XP will cost you nothing. Is the Windows 7 upgrade price worth it to you? Evaluate your needs/wants and if your willing to put more money into an aging machine.

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