partitioning a cloned hard drive which is bigger then the source hard drive

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If I clone my 20 GB hard drive on to a 150GB hard drive using Norton Ghost, what partitioning does the extra 130 GB receive and how can I make use of this extra space if it isn’t partitioned?


You can do any of the following:

  • Have a destination partition that’s identical in size to the original and
    then when in Windows you could partition and format the unused space as an
    additional drive for data, documents etc.
  • You could resize the partition as part of the clone process and grow it to use all available space
  • Once the new partition has been made, you can then grow it to take up the remaining
    space. I’m not sure if Ghost has a feature to just resize partitions, but you could always use Parted Magic (it’s free) – in fact, Parted Magic can also do the cloning/resizing if you haven’t bought Ghost yet 😉

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