PC powers on but doesn’t boot

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Problem :

My pc powers on and fans start running when i press the power button but monitor shows nothing and no boot sound from pc. I removed the memory modules, gpu, hdd but the pc still doesn’t boot or doesn’t give any noise. There is no other card plugged into the motherboard.

There was recent upgrade, system change etc. It was working fine until now.

What may be the problem?

UPDATE: It turns out that the problem is caused by the motherboard. The technician said the capacitors broke down. I replaced the motherboard and now it runs fine.

Solution :

Same problem here with 2 machines.

No standard reason. Can be a lot of things.

Basically take the machine apart and rebuild it component by component – first with as little externals as possible to the mobo (you need minimal ram, cooling etc., but not necessary graphics card, when on board exists, and no hard disc).

THe problem may be a broken motherboard or CPU or anything – basicalyl machines DO fail. Capacitator failure on the mother board being an anectodal high chance reason. But then it may also be the power supply.

Really, best take it to a shop – unless you have enough various parts to try things out. A technician will just be able to play around with it for 10 minutes with cheap known working replacement parts.

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