Perforce and how to create symbolic links on samba share in Windows

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I am using Perforce and have Workspace of project under Linux. The project contains many symbolic links. I have no problems with Perforce and the symbolic links as long as I work on Linux. However, if I mount the project via Samba to my Windows computer and if I create a Workspace to this Samba share, then the symbolic links break down. It looks like Perforce cannot read and write the symbolic links on my Samba share correctly.

Is there solution or workaround to force Perforce to create Linux compatible symbolic links on a Samba share?


Windows does not have native symlink support until Vista/7.

If you are connecting to a Windows share from Linux, try adding the sfu option to the mount command:

mount -t cifs -o sfu,(other options) //server/share /mountpoint

If you are running Perforce on Windows and connecting to a share on Linux, and your Windows version does not support symlinks, you cannot use them. (There’s a slight chance Services for Unix can help, but I haven’t used it much.)

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