Possible Windows 8 cmd changes?

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Problem :

For some reason, I have decided to try out Windows 8 on my development machine. So far, so good, until I try to start up Powershell that has some customizations, including pulling the PATH changes out of vcvars32.bat, so I have access to all of the various development tools.

Initially, the script was pulled from here https://stackoverflow.com/questions/138144/whats-in-your-powershell-profile-ps1file with some changes to allow it to run within a x64 Powershell instance, so it ended up looking like this:

function Get-Batchfile($file)
$theCmd = "`"$file`" & set"
cmd /c $theCmd | Foreach-Object {
$thePath, $theValue = $_.split('=')
Set-Item -path env:$thePath -value $theValue

function VsVars32($version = "10.0")
$theKey = "HKLM:SOFTWAREWow6432NodeMicrosoftVisualStudio" + $version

Solution :

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