Prevent alphanumeric strings containing an ‘E’ from being treated as numbers

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I work with CSV files that have around 3000 lines, and one column uses the format 0dddddddHH, d being a decimal and H an hexadecimal.

That means most of the data looks like 0128522FB but some of them look like 01283227E2. That’s very problematic because it’s automatically parsed as scientific notation, it gets displayed as 1.28E+08. The worst thing is that I can’t even change the format back to text, because the original string has already been changed to 128322700.

Is there a way to disable this behaviour so that I don’t completely break files and lose information?

According to this page, it can be disabled for dates but with numbers with E, I have to add a '. That’s not doable in my case, and especially not doable in Excel because the information has already been modified.

(I’m using the 2013 business suite)


Importing Giffyguy’s input on the button on the ribbon, you can click From Text on the Data tab of the ribbon ( to open the CSV file as a text file, then explictly specify text data type for the column containing hexadecimal data in the Text Import Wizard.

Double-clicking the file in Explorer will not work because this will skip the Text Import Wizard.

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