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What is a good tool to create professional looking business cards?

I’m trying to create business card on adobe Photoshop. But I feel that, PS is not right choose for this reason: First of all after creating 1 business card, I can’t duplicate it automatically to fill a4 page. I have to do it manually, one by one by duplicating 1 business card.

After googling a bit,I’ve found another application but it’stoo simple, no way to change standarts templates.

Which application is right for professional business card design?


Depends on what you want out of it. If you want something highly customizable and stylized, you could draft the card in Illustrator, which would allow you to array out the cards as you wish.

If you want just basic drafting of business cards, MS Word has many templates you can pull which will align the cards out for you according to whatever print medium you are using (i.e. Avery ####).

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