Programs keep configuring upon launch

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I am attempting to assist users in my environment who have are having issues with applications(vmware viewer, ms office etc) configuring/installing themselves upon launch. Could it be an issue with the image the company is using that is creating this?


It’s probably not literally “the image,” but it’s probably due to the other things they’re doing to maintain the image and/or consistent user state.

Is the configure happening on each run, once per login, or what? If once per login (what I’d expect), see if there’s a mandatory profile in place for HKEY_CURRENT_USER that is missing one or more critical values. Also check if %appdata% or similar folders are getting wiped on a new login, on reboot, or whenever.

If I’m correct, find a way to make those values or files are available on first run. Either modifying the mandatory profile, copying critical files or settings into %appdata% or similar via login script, etc.

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