Proper line-ending for an open-source PHP project

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What is the proper line-ending preferences for an open-source web project? Obviously it includes source code of PHP, HTML, CSS and Javascript.

The source code is managing via Github now, and there are Windows (8 & 7), Linux (Ubuntu) and OSX developers inside the team, which means all the major operating systems.

P.S. We are using “Windows” CRLF line-ending, plus “UTF-8 without BOM” right now, without facing any problem, however I think it might be better to use “*nix/OSX” LF style. I heard some stories about the problems that caused by the additional “CR” on Linux or OS X.


windows line ending will cause problems on Linux and some times on Mac too. I’ve seen some Mac files on linux which appear to have a ^M at the end of each line.
So, you best choice is the Linux line ending…

On Windows, Programmer’s notepad can handle *nix line endings, even if Notepad.exe can’t. Also, Git can automatically convert line endings: see

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