Remote Desktop Connection not working Windows 7

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I’m having trouble setting up Remote Desktop Connection at work to a Windows 7 Pro SP1 machine.

I’ve enabled RD, checked the services and firewall rules. I’ve also tried numerous of potential fixes I’ve found on Stack Exchange/MS TechNet etc, without success.
For example deleting the RD certificate on the Windows 7 machine.
Still, the connection cannot be established.

I’m trying to connect from a Windows 8.1 Pro machine.
Note: it does work the other way around and it does work to other computers in the network.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.


I have the same problem, but with 2 win 7 x64 machine one with ultimate ed one with pro.

using ultimate i can’t remote to the professional… but from pro i can connect to ultimate?!?!
and after i connect from pro to ultimate even without do the login… then i can connect from ultimate to pro!?!?!?

the workaround: using team viewer 9 i launch the pro to ultimate remote desktop, then i can connect ultimato to pro….

i tryed ultra vnc, had the same problem of remote desktop…

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