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I’m looking at Remote Desktop Gateway as an alternative to a VPN for a small branch office.

The idea is to spin up a copy of w2k8 on virtualbox/vmware on some spare machine just running Remote Desktop Gateway. Port forward 3389 to that instance and allow people to Remote Desktop in to their machines to occasionally work from home.

The office has no permanent sysadmin and I don’t want to do more than the minimum.
There is no domain controller.
It’s just a SOHO type router with simple port forwarding.
But they do have a static IP.
And it only has to support a couple of users, although ideally it would allow multiple users to RD into their own separate machines, through the single gateway, at the same time.

Does this sound like a good solution – any better ideas?


Personally, I would recommend you using LogMeIn.

It’s an excellent piece of software and doesn’t require any port forwarding, works with full SSL encryption and also allows you to keep an easy tally on the machines that are running.

Personally I use the Free version for a few machines that I have lying at home. Try it out, I personally prefer it to Remote Desktop.

To connect, users simply log in on the logmein website and access there machine throuhg their browser.

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