Remote, standalone Bluetooth transmitter as an audio LINE-IN on a Windows PC

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Is it possible to pair a remote, standalone Bluetooth transmitter to a Windows PC as an AUDIO SOURCE (recording line-in)? I can understand that this is an atypical usage. So, maybe it’s not surprising that I cannot find a transmitter that explicitly mentions this usage. But, this also makes me wonder if it’s maybe not allowed/possible for some reason…

And if it’s not allowed… why not?

Why would anyone want to do this? Well, I use my PC as a DSP. See…VST plug-ins for a DAW are generally a lot cheaper than standalone “audiofile” hardware components.

In a wired situation I:

  1. send my sounds system’s tape-out to my PC’s line-in
  2. do signal processing in the PC
  3. send PC line-out back to my sound system tape-in
  4. Run the preamp in tape monitor mode

In my current application I want to do DSP on TV audio. (Yes, only stereo for now.)

Is this possible?


I think I have answered my own question (sort of). It’s actually a workaround to the fact I still cannot find any manufacturer able to explicitly state that you can configure a standalone Bluetooth transmitter as an audio input to a Windows PC.

The workaround is that… as it turns out… someone actually makes paired sets of Bluetooth devices. One is a transmitter and the other is a receiver. I can implement my configuration with these.

I hope some imaginative readers can benefit from this workaround.

P.S. It does still bug me that I have to outboard the receiver. If anyone knows why Windows itself cannot !-BE-! the receiver… or what minimum transmitter BT version (e.g. 5.1) and feature(s) (e.g. A2DP) you need for Windows to recognize it… I would still be interested.

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