Remove Windows 8 OS from my laptop and install Linux

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Problem :

How can I remove Windows 8 completely and install Linux Peppermint on my laptop? I have tried accessing the bios, and this system has UEFI. When following the proper procedure, it ended up getting stuck in a Repair loop. I need to know the right procedure so that it does not happen again. I have already made backup recovery disks for this computer, but I really do not want Windows 8 at all. If someone could please help, I would be eternally grateful.

Solution :

You shouldn’t need to change any BIOS settings.

  1. Prepare a flash drive/CD with Peppermint Linux.
  2. Start your computer and tap F9 repeatedly until you get an option to boot from your flash drive or CD or Hard drive, and pick the appropriate one. (F9 might not ALWAYS be the correct key for this, just try it and see.)
  3. The Peppermint installer should start. Go through the steps, and when it asks how to partition the drives, tell it to Use the whole disk.
  4. Finish the setup steps.
  5. Reboot, and start using Peppermint!

When you install Peppermint, just format the disk or partition that Windows is currently on. Formatting a disk/partition is the easiest way to remove an operating system.

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