Repeating Chrome extension error “failed to redirect”

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Problem :

Occasionally, when opening a wikipedia page I get this type of error in Chrome:

Warning: This extension failed to redirect a network request to because another extension (HTTPS
Everywhere) redirected it to

While it seems that it doesn’t affect anything significant, it keeps causing me to click the 3-bars button and check the error, which is just annoying.

Any idea how to get rid of this without having to disable my extensions?

Solution :

General problem

two (Chrome/Web)-Extensions tried to redirect the same request. In this case

the most recently installed extension wins and all others are ignored.

uBlock (and others) consider this non-fixable on their part, as

An extension is not notified if its instruction to modify or redirect has been ignored.

Your problem

As mentioned, it seems that you can exclude specific patterns from HTTPS Everywhere, as in

<exclusion pattern="^http://(?:w+.)?stack(?:exchange|overflow).com/users/authenticate/" />

It should be possible to exclude all links, as the wikiwand extension then redirects to (if that works), but wikiwand acknowledges:

There are some known problems with those extensions: Kill Evil, HTTPS Everywhere

… but not on the main conflicts list.

It seems as if wikipedia already uses https, so simply excluding would not pose a problem.

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