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I have a laptop that came with Windows Vista and I purchased an upgrade to Windows 7. I upgraded the computer to Windows 7. Now I am selling my laptop and would like to restore the laptop to Windows 7 original without my files.

I would also need to wipe all partitions as I dual booted Ubuntu on another partition.

How do I preserve my license? What are the steps I need to take?

Thank you superusers for your help!


Use Produkey to record your W7 key.

Re-install Vista “clean” then upgrade to W7 again using the key you recorded using produkey.

Depending on what brand of PC you have there should be factory recovery discs to restore Vista.

You can use a Windows 7 disc of the edition you bought (most likely Home Premium) and enter your upgrade key without having to re-install Vista first.

As Moab mentioned, ProduKey will get you your key back if you lost it, although it should be either in your email or on the sticker in the box you bought.

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