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I’m trying to recover music from some pretty scratched CD’s and DVD’s, in both CD audio and MP3 format. Windows copy is not my friend here, because often the read process will hang indefinitely, so I have to cancel the whole copy etc. I’m looking for something that will just get all the files it can get off a disk, and graciously time out or just plain skip files that can’t be read.

All suggestions are welcome.


Chances are that simple Windows-based tools will not do what you want.

Why? Because they have no idea you’re using them on a CD! If they hang, they’ll all hang.

IsoBuster is pretty much made for what you want: optical disc file recovery.

It has a bunch of options (e.g. the number of retries) where you can fine-tune between accuracy and speed, and it bypasses Windows’ mechanisms entirely.

There’s not much more for me to say about it; just try it and see.

Robocopy is a built in tool in Windows that can be configured (via various switches) to copy, ignore errors, and essentially duplicate a directory structure.

Teracopy is a similar tool that has a graphical interface and I believe can also be told to ignore errors or at the very least can tell if a file has already been copied and to skip those files.

I haven’t used Windows for years but in old days, cdparanoia (you can use this in Windows with CDex) was the best solution for to rip a scratched CD audio. Both are open source. Anyway the process will take hours 🙂

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