Roundcube can send email, but not displaying received messages

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Problem :

I recently installed Roundcube on Debian Linux. I am using Postfix and Courier IMAP as well. Installation was a breeze and I was quickly able to send an email from to However, when I logged into gmail and replied, roundcube has not picked up the reply. If I ssh into and run mutt from the command line, the reply shows up just fine. The reply is in the file /var/mail/me.

I think my question is, how do I get roundcube to read /var/mail/me, or how do I properly deliver mail to ~/Maildir/new/? Let me know if there is some other path I might need to look at instead.


Solution :

I finally found the answer:

`sudo postconf -e “home_mailbox = Maildir/”‘

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