Router is down when I connect ethernet cable to PC

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Problem :

I have a wireless router (Comtrend AR-5315U) that randomly stops synchronizing (more of less 80% of times) when I connect it to a particular PC using an Ethernet cable or, if already connected, when the machine boots up.

The problem does not occur with other routers using the same cables and connections.

This PC has dual boot (Windows 10 and Ubuntu) so I don’t think is a configuration issue since the problem is occurring with both OSes.

Do you have an idea what’s the cause of it?

Thank you

Solution :

Finally I’ve worked it out.

My router was connected to a power strip where there were other devices connected too (the computer, the printer, the screen, the speakers, the scanner…).

It looks like the culprit was not the computer but the scanner. After disconnecting it from the power strip I’ve had not more errors with my connection.


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