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I have an application which automates my everyday task of logging into some website and doing repetetive actions. This app starts as a scheduled task everyday at 7.30am.

The problem arises when I have my machine restarted (rebooted) but forgot to log into my windows user account (it is password protected). So windows sits at logon screen and scheduled app won’t start.

I’m awaer of these possible ways to solve it, but aren’t complete to my needs:

1) I know of ‘Run if user is not logged in’ option in Task Scheduler. It will not help as I want it run in interactive mode.
2) I know of possible solution to enable Autologin for my user account by setting my login/pass in Registry. That would make it possible for everyone to access my computer.

So my question is: Is there any possible way of booting my windows user account Automatically, but keep screen locked? That way I keep all my wishes in place. My scheduled app will start properly and noone can access my computer until they log in.

I’m sure many people have stumpled on this issue. Please share your solutions guys.


I would use Autologon from Sysinternals to autologon, but add a scheduled task with a trigger (start at login) and enter this command in the task scheduler

Program: rundll32.exe and as parameters: user32.dll,LockWorkStation

and create the task. The rundll32 command locks the PC after the automatic logon. So you get your task running but the PC will be locked.

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