Sending an email when an application crashes?

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I’ve got a big piece of scientific equipment which is hooked up to, and controlled by software running on a Windows PC. Unfortunately the software, provided by the manufacturer, crashes occasionally when nobody is there to watch it. We’d really like a piece of software which could watch the application, and when it crashes, send out an email right away. Is there anything out there like that?

EDIT: we want to monitor the application, which is a normal piece of Windows software, running on the PC. The mention of the equipment was just sort of background to explain why we cared.


Yes there is.

It can also restart your app.

You are going to need to use some logic here..

Basically.. You need to find some sort of process/thread/task (anything really) that is always running but then freezes/stops responding that sort of thing..

For example, to monitor a specific website’s uptime and downtime the specific process/thread/task is the ability to respond to TCP requests on port 80 so when they no longer respond the website is deemed down.

Without having specifics on the equipment I can really only give you a high level overview like that.

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