Sending text messages (SMS) from Outlook 2016 for Mac

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is there a way to send SMS from Outlook 2016 for Mac (my company is using O365)?

I know it is possible in the Windows version of Outlook (, how about Mac


There are some commercial services like
Red Oxygen
with a 15 day trial for testing, which works from inside Outlook.

Another commercial approach is
which does Email to SMS from inside Outlook.

A possibly free solution (untested by me) might be to install Microsoft’s
Skype for
One can
send an SMS from Skype, but I do not know how well this works from Outlook.

I have bad news for you. In office 2016 Microsoft has discontinued the Outlook mobile service (SMS):
Im pretty sure 3rd party will appear.

It was possible with outlook 2011 for mac short video how

In short, the idea was to send email to your mobile number and with the correct suffix for your provider.

Depending on how many different SMS recipients you are sending to, you can send them via the carrier provided service.

For example, I send SMS to myself and my wife often via outlook email using their carrier provided email to SMS address. This is simple since I know our carriers.

You can google “email to sms verizon tmobile etc…” to get carrier specific connector addresses. Example:

Here is a list of some carriers and their SMS/MMS gateway domains:

If I were sending to many people, this may not be a good solution. I have used this well for server alerting to a small group of team members via sms, or sending a reminders to myself or wife.

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