Setting Primary Partition As Active

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Guy’s i’m wondering why i can’t set the Partition that i want (Drive C) as the Primary Partition, When i right click the Drive C in disk management tool it won’t give me an option to set it as Primary partition? Can you please help me how to set A Partition as Primary? I already run disk management tool as Administrator, i’m using windows 7. Thanks.


If your Windows is installed on a non-primary partition (logical partition) there is no simple, one-click method for converting logical partition into primary. If you need your C: drive to be a primary partition you should reinstall your Windows. Also, if You want your whole Windows to be installed on a SINGLE PRIMARY PARTITION (instead of TWO), you can follow the steps described in my answer to: How can I use TrueCrypt under windows 8.1? in section flagged as 2.

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