Setting up LAMP without Internet

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Problem :

For a school project, we have to set up a server with LAMP. However, we cannot connect the server to the Internet during the installation process. We tried using CentOS and putting CentOS .rpm packages on a USB drive. However, there were always dependency issues so we think we have to find another way to install the packages.

What other ways are there to set up LAMP without the Internet?

Solution :

Did you try downloading all the CentOS DVD iso’s (there’s 2 from what I can see) instead of a minimal or network install?

I’m not familiar with the entirety of the CentOS suite but if you install from the full distribution instead of a network or minimal install, all the dependencies ought to be on the discs.

If your connection speed is too slow, this is a great opportunity to support Linux by buying the discs.

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