Sharing Windows 7 Hard drive with Windows XP Hard drive

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I wish to share my hard drives between my two computers but I seem to be running along some sort of error… my windows XP Computer is picking up my “XGaming” hard drive but when clicked it says access is denied, despite there is no password set up(I followed this:

I also tried to share my C and J drives on my windows XP computer but my windows 7 computer doesn’t seem to even detect them!


Sharing and security are different things so please make sure (For testing purposes) you right click the folder you want to share and select properties, then the sharing tab and set it up for everyone.

Then, click on the security tab and add everyone to your permissions with full rights. If this works, then tweak the security level appropriately.

File sharing in windows can be a challenging setup. It’s easy for things to stop working with firewall software, or differences between windows versions.

Here is a guide/posting that helped me:,26689267.

Pay attention to the section that begins with “In Network and Sharing Center, click “Choose homegroup “

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