Should I care about my HDD?

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This is screenshot of HD Tune:

alt text

Should I care about my HDD? Are these warnings important?


General rule: if your drive is throwing errors, replace it. Harddrives are cheap, and crashes are expensive.

That being said, you might want to try and re-post the picture, so we can give you some more specific advice.

Edit: Absolutely replace the drive. CRC (Cyclic redundancy check) errors mean that when the drive went back and compared what it thought it wrote to what was on the drive, it was wrong. This means it missed the write error when it happened, and only caught it afterward. There is only one of those, so by itself, I wouldn’t worry. But the “Reallocated Event Errors” are situations where the drive is writing around bad sectors, and it’s done that a lot…I’d worry about it.

On my gear, if it says “warning” I replace it, or at least make sure I’m backed up.

CRC error – your disk cable is not well connected
Relocation – there is actual damage to disc mechanics, hopefully not a misadjusted head, and only a scratch on the platter, you really need a new disk, and probably already get good data in a safer place.

Well, the good news is, these are all pre-failure conditions – while you can find a more detailed comprehensive description on wikipedia, reallocation event counts are when sectors are damaged and their contents are moved to spare sectors. This isn’t catastrophic, unlike a high pending reallocation sector count, but is a sign that your hard drive is starting to have bad sectors.

CRC Error count appears to refer to the count of errors in data transfer via the interface cable – this may mean issues with either the cable or the interface, but not the data itself.

In short, at some point of time in future, your hard drive may run out of spare sectors to remap, and you nay already be having cable or interface issues. The former could mean data loss, the later, performance loss.

I wouldn’t worry much about your hard drive, but this is a good time to look at backing up anything thats important, before you need to learn the value of backups the hard way! Hard drives can be swapped. Data on the other hand…

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