Should I see PC boot to BIOS if I only attach 24-pin to the motherboard?

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Problem :

I am attching only the 24-pin and the vga. I am not seeing any thing display on the monitor. When I have every other cables plugin, I see nothing either, that’s why I only have 24 and vga plugged in.


Solution :

Probably not, you also need to plug in the seperate power connector for the CPU – this is either 4 or 8 pins, and is right next to your socket.

Look for something like this

enter image description here

In order to get to or past POST you need the following items.

  1. A processor.
  2. RAM.
  3. A power supply plugged into the motherboard and the 4-6-8 pin plugged into the processor power junction on the motherboard.
  4. The fans plugged into the junctions on the motherboard.
  5. Optional, the graphics card if no on board graphics.

Without those 4, or 5 things, you will get just a black screen, you can ignore 4 if you wish, but it will over heat quickly and get you back to not being able to POST till it cools down.

Further info on POST.

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