Show all machine’s internal IP addresses (Windows XP)?

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Problem :

I have 3 Windows XP machines connection in a small home network.
(2 of the 3 have no screen or keyboard.)

What’s the easiest way for me to find out each of the machines internal IP addresses?

Is there a DOS command I can run from Machine #1… and ask it “show each machine’s IP address”?

Solution :

If you have nmap you can do:
nmap -sP

where is network adress and 24 is netmask

I have used Angry Ip Scanner in the past. It is able to scan ip addresses in any range. It can also scan the ports for the ip addresses. It doesn’t require an installation.

Also, you could use network Magic. It provides a free trial for 7 days. It will show you all the computers/devices connected to your network in a GUI setup.

No one else has mentioned this but many routers will have a page that lists devices that it gave a address to through DHCP. If all of your machines use DHCP, check the configuration page of your router.

Free software:

SolarWinds has a free IP Address Tracker.

Download it at

It will probe for IP addresses

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