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I am trying to find a way to get a listing of all files, without hidden directories. I have tried several variations of something like this:

dir  /b  /s  /a:-h  z:  >toc-z.txt

but this only skips over hidden files. I need a listing which excludes all hidden folders, including files and sub-folders of these hidden folders.

Is there any way I can skip parsing and listing of hidden folders?


It’s a bit hackish, but you could probably use the xcopy command with the /l and /s (or perhaps the /e) options. The key is the /l option which tells it to display a list of files that are to be copied rather than making any copies. By default, xcopy does not copy hidden or system files so they will be ignored.

It’s a long command, but it works, and it is fairly fast 🙂

Here it is as a long one liner for the command line

>toc-z.txt ((for %F in ("z:*") do @echo %F)&for /f "delims=" %D in ('dir /s /ad-h-l /b z:*^|sort') do @for %F in ("%D*") do @echo %F)

Here it is as a batch file

@echo off
>toc-z.txt (
  for %%F in ("z:*") do @echo %%F
  for /f "delims=" %%D in (
    'dir /s /ad-h-l /b z:*^|sort'
  ) do for %%F in ("%%D*") do echo %%F

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