Skype, Netflix, Minecraft causing CPU to be 100% and not go down without restart

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This issue started about two weeks after replacing the broken motherboard on this computer. The new motherboard is an MSI. When it happens, things like Skype calls, Netflix and Minecraft seem to provoke it (Not all running at once), then when force closing the app taking all the CPU, something else seems to take it, almost as if there’s suddenly not enough CPU time to go around. The system has a Intel Celeron D processor running at 3.0 Ghz, 4 GB of DDR3 memory, a 128 MB nVidia Video Card and is running Windows 7 Ultimate.

My attempts to fix this issue have involved the following:

  • Re-Install Skype
  • Re-Install drivers related to the issue (Audio, video, networking drivers)
  • Adding more thermal compound to the CPU (I thought it was maybe overheating, it wasn’t)
  • Inspecting the processes taking all the CPU with it showing nothing odd.
  • Running Malwarebytes, HiJack This and Avast antivirus, removing any infections found.

A restart of the computer fixes it temporarily, but it starts again after running those apps for awhile.

The only thing I have not tried is re-installing Windows, which I would like to avoid as this is my girlfriends computer and she is currently not near by for me to get access to the computer. The best I have is TeamViewer.

Any ideas on how to fix this issue?


I had similar issues but not as severe as you have.

  1. What is your Firewall/AV?
  2. When was the hard drive defragmented (try MyDefrag:
  3. Does your PC makes whirring sound?


  • A misconfigured, or corrupt firewall can basically make your system grind to a halt by restricting CPU bandwidth.
  • Even a 10% fragmented hard drive can slow you down significantly. What MyDefrag does is it allocates the sector proximity depending on file size and recency of the file. The first defragmentation will take almost 2 hours, but can last 6-8 hours (on very large drives). Run this program from SAFE BOOT.
  • If your girlfriend’s PC makes sound just after a cold boot, it means that you need to re-apply the CPU Thermal Compound to reduce heating of CPU, especially with Celeron processor which does not handle data very effectively (e.g. graphics and games)
  • Try removing the CMOS battery, and using the JUMPER PINS, reset the CMOS Password, and clear the CMOS Setting.
  • Update the BIOS for MSI motherboard.

If you can provide more insight as to PC configuration (use Speccy:, it can be helpful.
A Speccy and HiJackThis log would be very helpful.

My gut reaction would be that either your antivirus cocktail is tripping over itself, or the box is overheating. Make sure all the vents are clear/have airflow/fans are functioning and try again. Then disable some antiviruses and try again.


Have you fixed the your computer? Looking back at issues, and hoping you tried some of the options I mentioned, if you still have problem with PC, then best thing is to re-install Windows. Because you have removed the CPU heating up issue by plastering more thermal compound, I would say antivirus/firewall is a major cause for the symptoms that your PC manifests. After you uninstall all antivirus, can you observe if PC is stable — and it does not shutdown on you? If you can, then updating PC (behind a router) and then adding antivirus makes sense.

But, the gut feeling is that Windows needs to be re-installed. I have noticed that even windows installation gets corrupted by faulty AV (e.g. ZASS).

You can configure non-essential services according to this site:
Go down mid-page and select Windows 7 if it applies in your case.

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