Software to convert JPG images into specific file size on disk?

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Is there any (free?) software that will help me to convert existing JPG files into a specific file size on disk?

(I assume that the software will estimate accurately compressed file size during the save.)


Irfanview is pretty good and does it for jpeg- just install it WITH the plugins and setting file size should be a save option. I quite like Irfanview in fact, it’s light, easy, quick and does batch operations nicely 🙂

The command line ImageMagick supports a maximum file size:

-define jpeg_extent=400kb

Paint.NET gives the file size when saving:

Show file size on saving

Simply change the quality setting to get the size you want.

For quick and easy image resize I always use and recommend Picture-Resize. It’s very easy to use and blazing fast.

It does not have a GUI, you just change the filename in order to change the parameters of the image resize operation. A very unusual but cool way to operate.

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