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I need to tutor my brother on a particular topic. We live in different geographical areas. We use g-talk to do the same. We do not have web-cam’s to enable video chat.

The tutoring will involve a lot of off-the-cuff illustrations. I am hence searching for a suitable software which will emulate a blackboard over an internet connection. I need the software to enable sharing of a common canvas on which I can draw, write and point to. Say a Microsoft paint canvas on internet.

Could you point out a suitable software? Google is not of being help at the moment as I suspect that I am not specifying my search criteria properly.


I would highly recommend FlockDraw. It’s flash, not java based, and to create a unique place for you and someone else to use, you simply point your browser to a URL like this:

No login required.

A suitable online collaboration tool is

Searching for “whiteboard” along with keywords, “online collaboration tool” as quack quixote suggested above gives a lot of solutions.

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