Spoofing routing location from Canada too USA

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My ISP located in Texas now routes me through a router located in Canada.

I live in Arizona, USA & can’t do business with some websites that block traffic from Canada.

Some responses I’ve received from websites is I'm located in a foreign country.

My ISP will not change back to USA. They are very uncooperative.

Can I spoof my location to show USA ?


You have a couple of options. The way to “take this into your own hands” is to get a VPN which is connected in America – that will give you an IP address which is located in America.

You can possibly use a proxy to do a similar thing, however it may not work as well if it adds X-Forwarded-For headers, which would be a common practice.

The alternative is to track down geolocation databases and get your IP range updated – this will take a while and is probably quite a difficult process, although many providers do provide Correction Requests. See https://stackoverflow.com/questions/19514749/best-ip-to-country-database for some providers, also

Maxmind Correction Request
IP2Location Page with email for Update and Correctionsenter link description here

Of-course, you could presumably change to another ISP (or use mobile data or an alternative connection).

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