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I’m developing cross-platform, and I have the following situation:

  1. a PC with Windows 7 + Ubuntu in a virtual machine where I develop and compile the code located in the office
  2. a PC with Windows XP in the lab
  3. an embedded device running Linux with buttons that I need to press

What I normally do is to make changes in Ubuntu, send them via SSH to the embedded device, walk from the office to the lab, open Putty on the Windows XP, and run the program and press the buttons in the embedded system to try the changes. I’m getting tired of walking!

I cannot install new stuff in the lab computer, but I have Notepad++ that would do for simple changes. How can I sync the code between the Ubuntu virtual machine, Windows XP and an embedded system? Can I compile using Ubuntu from the Windows XP machine?


Thanks for the comments.
What I’m doing to deal with this is to share a folder between ubuntu and winxp.
access to ubuntu and the embedded system with putty from xp. Compile in ubuntu and edit the code in xp with notepad++.

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