Swapping the PCB of a HDD, how to make sure to have the right firmware?

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I have got a broken HDD, it is not recognized in any way in my operating system. I took the model number “st100LM024” and ordered a used one on ebay.
Unfortuneately I didn’t know that these HDD’s can have different firmwares on the PCB.
I swapped the PCB’s anyway, but without success.

On the small sticker I see the following:

W6 REV.6
U3A 0GD8

is this the info about the firmware on the plate?
I want to buy the correct HHD “again”, so can anyone explain me what I have to look for?



The only reliable way I know to ensure the board has the same firmware as the original is to use a take-off from the same model and date series hard disk. It’s probably possible to read out the ROM with the right equipment, but it’s not cost effective unless you’re trying to recovery critical data from the platters.

For the latter purpose, it’s also possible (with the right very expensive equipment) to read out the raw bits from the platter surface, but if there are encoding changes from version to version, it may be challenging to interpret the bits to recover files.

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