Sync Folder between Linux and Mac

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Problem :

I have an always-on Linux box in the cloud. On that machine, there are some files I would like to (bidirectionally!) sync to my local machine – my iMac (running 10.8).

The files I would like to sync are in a folder, and would probably by in the 1-2MB range for everything. I have root access to the machine.

Can anyone help?

Solution :

A widely known and robust program to perform this task is known as rsync(1). There are ample examples on the net, and also on of how to use it. If still in doubt after exhausting these sources of examples and the one provided in this answer, consult the manual page under category User commands (1) by issuing man 1 rsync in the terminal.


mortal@home$ rsync -auv /mnt/umbrella/ # push
mortal@home$ rsync -auv /mnt/umbrella/ # pull

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