Synergy can’t connect with new router

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Problem :

I have been using Synergy (from Symless) for 1.5 years now. I moved to a new place (so new router; a ZTE ZXHN F618 – ZTE PON ONT) and I cant make it work.
I read that this router’s WLAN and LAN is on different subnets. How can I check that this is true? Can this be the cause ?

I changed literally nothing from the working setup, only the server ip on the client. I have the same version as well.

On the server I have 2 IP addresses:,

On the client, when I try to connect I get the following error messages:

  • For the IP: “No route to host”
  • For the “Timed out”

I tried:

  • Changing the port to 8081 (as this other answer suggests).
  • I also tried to open ports in the firewall, still nothing, I cant even ping between the devices.
  • The netmasks are the same (
  • Tried with both firewalls off as well.

Solution :

Okay so I managed to figure it out. It was a problem with my setup, not with synergy.
The router provided by the ISP (ZTE GPON ONT ZXHN F618) handles LAN and WLAN on different subnets, so I had to call them to set it to bridge mode (because I dont had access to modify it from the admin console), and after that I connected a secondary router (LAN1-> WAN) and configured the PPPoE connection on it. Now this secondary router connects to my PC via lan and to my laptop wirelessly, so they are now on the same subnet and synergy works.

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