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Is there a tool you guys would recommend I install on a new 64-bit win7 system that would allow me to keep my registry clean, keep my drivers up-to-date etc?


An all-in-one? I don’t know of a good one. If you don’t mind 2 separate tools, I’d recommend CCleaner and DriverMax.

jv16 powertools – although not free, after trying it, I’ve never looked for anything else.

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While not exactly what you’re after, one of the first tools I install on my machines is Secunia PSI. It is very helpful in letting me know when I have apps with security issues and usually offers a link to the app’s site to get a current/patched version.

Try Windows 7 Manager by YamicSoft. It’s a good set of maintenance tools and it’s trial is free for 15 days.

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