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I have a workbook in excel with monthly tabs and links form tab to tab. i.e. beginning balance in February pull from ending balance in January. When I copy a tab, say March to Create April, the new Tab will still link back to the February tab instead of the previous tab which would be March. So I go in to April and change all the links to March form February. Is there a way to set up the link so when I create a new tab using the copy function that the links will just refer to the the appropriate tab?


In the April tab.. Do Ctrl + H > replace February! to March! > click replace all.

Not a beautiful copy paste solution. but if you don’t rename your sheet and leave it as the original Sheet1 , Sheet2 ..
Then the use of =INDIRECT("Sheet"&(SHEET(A1)-1)&"!A1",TRUE) will be the copy paste solution you are looking for.

Hope it helps..

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