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Problem :

Is there a TIFF viewer extension for Chrome, I found AlternaTIFF, but cannot make it work in chrome. I am trying to view images on the USPTO.gov website.

Tried suggestions here also, no luck

Solution :

ITV – Inline Tiff Viewer is free and easy to use. It replaces tiff objects or img tags on any page with a converted png. It can then be dragged around the screen and zoomed in and out with the mouse wheel.

ITV in Google Play

Figured out a workaround, Install AlternaTIFF for IE, then install IE Tab for Chrome, navigate to the TIFF page in chrome then click the IE tab button, wahlah, you can now view USPTO TIFF pages in Chrome!

Got the idea from this page, but Black Ice costs $$, so I figured maybe it will work with AlternaTIFF for IE, and it did.


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