Transfer rich text, image clipboard between Windows guest and Linux host?

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Problem :

This question is similar to
Transfer image clipboard between host and VirtualBox guest?

However, I want to know if there is ANY virtualization solution can do this. Answers to the above question suggest that VirtualBox cannot do this.

Also, I only care by Windows guests and Linux Hosts. More specifically, I want to copy rich text (text with hyperlinks and formatting) from Onenote running on Windows to Zotero running on the KUbuntu host. Also, I want to copy screen clippings from Spectacle in KUbuntu host to Onenote running on Windows guest.

Solution :

I am sure that VirtualBox is capable of transferring images copied to clipboard between guest and host when bidirectional keyboard is enabled. I have done something similar to what you are trying to achieve with OneNote running in a VM, except in my case it was with Evernote. I could easily copy image in host, paste it in Evernote and annotate it, and copy the annotated image back from guest os into host. I was running a Windows 7 virtual machine in Ubuntu 17.04

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