Trigger Task Scheduler in Windows 7 when computer wakes up from sleep/hibernate

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I don’t want task scheduler or whatever to wake the computer, but when I open the laptop back up and the machine wakes I’d like that to be the trigger that task scheduler or something uses to run an app.


You can tick the “Run task as soon as possible after a scheduled start is missed” checkbox on the Settings tab for the task. That’s for tasks at least that are scheduled regularly and fail to start due to sleep/hibernate/shutdown.

There doesn’t seem to be a trigger “On waking from sleep”, but you can probably use the “On Event” trigger. The interesting events seem to be from “Kernel-Power” and “Power-Troubleshooter”. System sleep generates an event from Kernel-Power with event ID 42. Wakeup is an event from Power-Troubleshooter with event ID 1.

The event-based solution suggested by Johannes worked well for me. I wanted a certain text file (my to do list) to open in Notepad every time I un-hibernated my computer (Windows 7). I set up a scheduled task to run with this event as a trigger:

  • Log: System
  • Source:Power-Troubleshooter
  • Event ID: 1

This is working well for me.

Event 107 when resumed from sleep, and 42 from entering to sleep.
I just try event 107 to trigger a program when resume from sleep, and it worked

enter image description here

enter image description here

Schedule tasks

There is a simpler method: Triggers > New > On workstation unlock > Any user. When putting the computer to sleep, you’re actually (also) locking the machine, and on waking up you will see ‘Locked’ above the password field, assuming you’re using a password.

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