Turn off mouse LED lights on linux

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Problem :

I have a Logitech G302, a fine mouse. However, it glows blue, and the intensity increases and decreases. This can be distracting and I would like to turn off the lighting inside the mouse. How can I do this? The software that normally controls it is only available for OSX and Windows.

Solution :

Since most Logitech gaming mice store the mouse profile and settings on the mouse, you can use a Windows or Mac OS to install the Logitech Gaming Software and configure your mouse how you want it. Once you’re done, you can unplug the mouse and plug it into the Linux system, and it will still have the same desired behavior.

If you only have access to a Linux OS and you want to change your mouse configuration, you can try to download and install Piper mouse configuration utility.

I couldn’t get Piper installed, this worked for me, for a G102 Mouse:

git clone https://github.com/smasty/g203-led.git
cd g203-led
virtualenv ./env
env/bin/pip install -r requirements.txt
sudo ./g203-led.py solid 000000

I presume it’ll work for the G203, since that’s what it’s designed for, and presumable it’ll work for other G-series mice, including the G302.

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