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I’ve been looking for a iTerm2 theme that resembles the default purple Ubuntu terminal but have had no success so far.

Does a theme for the standard Ubuntu terminal exist for iTerm2 or will I have to create my own? If so, does anyone know the complete list of colors used by the Terminal?

Note By “complete list of colors” I mean the foreground color, background color, bold color and the palette.

Here is a screenshot of the terminal in action.

Ubuntu default purple terminal


This is the palette

Background 300A24
Foreground FFFFFF (not sure, text is anti-aliased)
Color0 2E3436
Color1 CC0000
Color2 4E9A06
Color3 C4A000
Color4 3465A4
Color5 75507B
Color6 06989A
Color7 D3D7CF

Standard colors

Here is 256-color palette. Use colorpicker yourself

I just found the Ubuntu colorscheme for iTerm2 here: https://github.com/mbadolato/iTerm2-Color-Schemes/blob/master/schemes/Ubuntu.itermcolors
But I haven’t tried it yet.

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