Update TSSTcorp CDDVD Drivers

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I’ve got installed a DVD-Writer:


Windows says me that the installed Drivers are current (6.1.7600), but another website tells me the newest driver is more than 7.x and from 2012. Now if I tell Windows to download the newest drivers it says that these are already the newest.

So where are those new drivers downloadable?


Unless you have a specific problem with your DVD burner, and know that the new drivers will fix it, leave it alone. The drivers windows installed automatically should work just fine, and are likely to be stable and fairly bug free. Just because some website or utility says there are newer drivers, doesn’t mean you need them.

Version 6.1.7600 is also the version number for windows 7, so I suspect that you are running windows 7, and these are the drivers from Microsoft to support a DVD burner. There is almost never a good reason not to use those drivers.

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